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Information Technology is a very new and the fastest growing branch of science at the same time with extraordinary advances and there is an increasing need for online Information technology definitions.

In this site you will find online definitions of information technology terms, including computer technology and Internet terms explained in a simple language to enable a broad range of people to benefit from these definitions and explanations.

Information technology definition:

IT is the science of sending, receiving, storing, modifying and retrieval of information through computer systems.

What is the importance of IT?

All countries recently depend on information systems that have revolutionized human lives to the extent that even cell phones have become IT systems.

The Internet is a very huge system that is absolutely based on IT science and functions to facilitates all aspects of life that education, sports, arts, science, e-commerce, working, charity activities, wild life conservation and human rights defending are some of the examples.

Information systems have improved quality of life tremendously and have become an inseparable part of daily life for billions of people across the globe.

Graphics cards can process data (just like a CPU) and can carry out extensive calculations in a very short time. The processing part of a graphics card is called GPU.
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TOR browser is specifically made for privacy and security purposes. TOR (The Onion Router) is an all free browser that is a combination of very famous and excellent TOR VPN service and the venerable Firefox web browser. TOR and Firefox have been integrated to create the TOR browser and it is the browser of choice for those who value privacy and security or for people that find anonymous web surfing vital to prevent oppressing governments from tracking their activities on the Internet, like journalists. You can download TOR browser by visiting the home page (link).
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